Adventure Time Bedroom Project


I finished the room!  Click through the photos above.

I’ll explain my process below.


I started by sketching out the characters on a piece of paper and drew a grid.   Then I drew a grid on the walls and drew the characters.

I painted the sky and grass with normal interior latex paint.  The characters were done with Artist Acrylic paints.

I outlined the characters with Sharpie Oil Paint pens.

The speech bubbles were made with Idea Paint, so they can be written on with  Dry Erase markers.

The bed tree-fort I made out of sheets of pegboard from Home Depot.  I drew the tree shape on them, then cut them out, sanded, and painted them.

The Gunter trash can I made out of a black trash can and cut foam pieces.

The Beemo nightstand I got at Ikea and was white, then I painted it.

So I started my latest creative project: an Adventure Time theme bedroom.

I am so excited about doing this, cause this would have been the coolest thing to have as a kid.

You can view the photos in the slides above. Click through and see my process, and keep checking back cause I’m gonna update this with photos as I go.