Pokémon Valentine Box

Well 2 years ago I made the Adventure Time Valentine Box for Isabelle for her 5th grade competition, so I knew that this one would be coming eventually!

It was Tyler’s turn to enter the school competition for Best Valentine’s Box, and I knew I had to one-up what I made for Isabelle.

Tyler wanted his theme to be Pokémon, and we went back and forth on a few different ideas (if it should be Pokémon Go themed or video game themed). We decided to do the video game theme, and I thought it would be really cool to recreate one of the towns from the game.

The big new idea I wanted to do for this one was to include a video. I ended up getting a digital picture frame that could play videos, and I made a custom Pokémon Intro screen for this project in After Effects.


Overall the project was a blast to work on, and Tyler won the competition! 😀

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