The Professional Me

My name is John Sorci and I am the Associate Studio Director at Hook Studios.

I live in the heart of Chicago, but am often in Ann Arbor & Los Angeles for work.

I grew up in northern Minnesota my whole life, but ventured on my own to Miami for school. I graduated from the Miami University of Art & Design and received a BFA in Computer Animation. Although it was a 4 year degree, I worked my ass off and got it done in 3 years because I was so motivated to start my career.

While a full-time student, I also worked full-time, and even fit in an internship my last year. Looking back now, I still don’t know how I made all of that work. Probably no sleep, which I’m making up for now with lots of naps.

The studio that I interned at during school offered me a full-time position after graduating, which I happily accepted. After learning a crap-ton in my first professional environment, I wound up back in the cold weather.

In Michigan I worked at a couple studios doing all kinds of work from web design & development, design & motion, to retouching and video.

The current studio I work at has been an amazing journey for me so far. I came in as a Studio Motion Designer, to now being the Team Lead of the Studio managing a team of 10+ people in two offices, on a huge range of projects and high-profile clients such as Google & YouTube.

Check out my portfolio to see some of the work that I’ve done over the years.

Send me an email if you’d like to chat!


The Personal Me

The number one priority in my life is my family.
My partner Sam, and two kids Isabelle & Tyler. They mean everything to me.

My number two priority as of late would probably have to be Pokémon Go.
Bringing back the nostalgia from my childhood, getting exercise, and meeting new people has been amazing thanks to this game. Not to mention the fact that the kids get to experience this 20 years later!

We have a BLAST running around Chicago catching Pokémon as a family. We even have tshirts and hats sporting our teams! As you can see, we have a bit of a family rivalry going on. Isabelle & I are Team Mystic, while Sam & Tyler are unfortunately Team Valor. But we have a GREAT time running around the city taking gyms from each other.

Another passion of mine is to travel.
I realize it’s cliché because everyone says that, but I really do love traveling.

Experiencing new cultures, people & landmarks is so exciting to me. Getting to experience something completely new and foreign to you, and seeing things from a new perspective is so amazing.

Every two years Sam & I take a trip somewhere foreign to us. We’ve gone to Mexico to see his heritage, then Italy to see my heritage. Next came Greece, but that was just for the beauty and the parties.

On alternating years we take a trip with the kids. These usually include something that has “Disney” in it. Which I am completely on board with because I am a huge Disney fan.

Take a look at my blog to see some of my crazy projects and adventures over the years.

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